Update 1: The idea of a flexible and low-cost articulated robot arm for workpiece feeding.

I've always been obsessed with the speed of robots. For me a robot can't be cool if it moves too slowly. That's why I created the Delta X - the world's first low-cost delta robot. I love delta robot because it's so fast but I like articulated robots too. I want to be able to make an articulating robot that is fast but the price is still cheap so it can be used in the workshops and small factories.

I found robots of ST Robot company. They move very quickly and accurately even though they use stepping motors. I noticed that the key to these advantages is the counterbalanced design of the arm. The price of ST Robot is 8,000 $. That is a problem. So I suddenly thought of the idea of ​​creating a robot with the same structure but costing only $ 600 - $ 2000 and spreading it to everyone just like I did with Delta X.

I will name it Alpha X Robot. All progress in Alpha X research will be updated at alphaXrobot.com

And this is my goal:

First 3 months: Complete prototype version 1 - use 100% 3D printing

Next 3 months: Finalization of prototype 2 - using aluminum milling parts

Next 3 months: Video recording of Alpha X robot applications and preparing for a crowdfunding

Next 3 months: Make a campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and building complete software for Alpha X

Next 3 months: Opensource and produce Alpha X

Next 3 months: Building Alpha X 2


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